Former JET embarks on charity mission

Briton and former JET Phil Carr, 28, has embarked on a journey around Australia to raise money for world literacy charity Book Aid. The online news source Brisbane Times reported on 18 September:
On Sunday Anne Race, 30, and Phil Carr, 28, both from England, and Gareth Owen, 31, from Wales, will abandon their worldly possessions and - dressed only in garbage bags and carrying only the equipment needed to record their journey - begin the daunting challenge of trying to circumnavigate the continent.

The trio, who have been friends since meeting at England's Leeds University about seven years ago, hope their adventure will raise £10,000 ($22,500) for child literacy charity Book Aid and allow them to write their own book about "the true nature of mateship towards strangers in Oz".

The progress of the trio can be tracked from their blog.