The JET Programme Alumni Association (JETAA) is an Alumni Association created in 1989 to strengthen and maintain the bonds of friendship developed between JET Programme participants. The purpose of JETAA is to promote through its activities a broader and deeper understanding between Japan and the countries participating on the JET Programme. The JET Alumni Association has 50,000 alumni from the 20 years for the Programme. Nearly 21,000 alumni are now registered to the some 50 regional Chapters located across 15 countries and we believe this is the largest growing alumni association in the world. We are now are seeing second generation JETs (participants whose parents went on the JET Programme) joining the Alumni on their return from Japan.

JETAA Chapters play an important role in the promotion of Japan in their region in the form of social events related to Japan, orientations for new participants of the JET Programme, support for newly returning JETs and promotion of Japan and the JET Programme in their local communities.

Source: JET Alumni Association International