Meeting minutes

Meeting minutes 12th August 2017

From Shinnenkai 2018

JETAA Qld members celebrated the new year with a bang at Izakaya Goku at West End. There was plenty of food and drinks on the menu. We were so engaged in our conversation that we forgot about the time. Everyone returned home with satisfied taste buds and full tummies.

 20th January 2018


JETAA Qld. Logo Competition

Our JETAA QLD. Logo has served us very well for many many years but it may be time to retire it. We would like to ask you to contribute to the the renewal of the JETAA logo by submitting your own design and win a gift card if your design is selected !

What we are looking for is a logo that defines clearly the relationship between Queensland and Japan, using typical (but not overused) symbols. To that end, a mixture of Japanese and Queensland symbols such as those listed below, is a great start.

The logo needs to be submitted in high definition, vector design (such as SVG) and easily resized without losing features.

Submitting a logo constitutes an attribution free of rights to JETAA QLD. though the selected logo will have its creator properly credited when it is unveiled.

Please submit your design by May 6th 2018 to submissions@jetaaqld.org with your name and best contact details.

The winning logo will be chosen and announced in mid-May.

Have a look at the other chapters logos:

Below is a summary of the features requested:

- JETAA logo with words JETAA
- SVG or vector type format (less desirable, high resolution non vector format)
- Includes Japanese design/symbol
- Includes Queensland design/symbol
- Resizes without significant loss of features
- Distinct from other JETAA chapters
- More than one entry per participant is allowed
- Attribution to JETAA QLD. for all uses
- Submissions to submissions@jetaaqld.org by May 6th 2018

Get designing and show us your best work ! This is open to everyone in Australia with a bit of design interest and willing to contribute to JETAA QLD.

Here are a few things to help you get started.


    Japanese design influence
    Brush strokes
    Inkan style
    Colors Red/White/black outlined
    Japanese style patterns
    Avoid Sakuras and overused symbols
    Take inspiration from other JETAA logos
    Identify QLD symbols (currently, the shape of QLD)

Japanese Symbols

    Kamon (round)
    Kamon (haxagonal)
    Hinomaru (flag)
    Jacket kanji - blue background, white outline, red character
    Lamp Kanji - red background, white outline, black character
    Pagoda outline
    Mt Fuji

Queensland Symbols

    Crown on blue star (state badge)
    Coat of arms
    Shape of land (already used, best to avoid)
    Maroon color
    Cooktown orchid
    Brolga (bird)
    Sapphire (gem)
    Barrier reef anemonefish

Other things to consider:

    Sun (sunshine state)
    Bridge of brisbane (though NSW use the harbour bridge already)
    Glasshouse mountains
    islands (fraser/moreton/straddie)

Need more inspiration ?

    Logos used by qld organisations, government, etc.
    Aboriginal QLD symbols and culture

Contact us if you have any question, submissions@jetaaqld.org